The Blues Messenger​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Blues Messenger & The Freedom Band Present

​White Buffalo Awareness Concert

​In Support of The White Bison Association 
Keepers of the White Buffalo Herd
Thursday, 16 May 2019 Doors Open-7pm Showtime-8pm
The Canyon Club - Agoura Hills

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We must take immediate action since devastating fires and floods have killed a portion of this most Sacred herd.  It has become a dire and urgent situation that demands our help to support these sentient beings.

The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down The Legend of the White Buffalo  - a story now approximately 2,000 years old–recounted at many council meetings, sacred ceremonies, and through the tribe’s storytellers. There are several variations, but all are meaningful and tell of the same outcome. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony, and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother.
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