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  1. Protest - Power to the People
  2. Earth on Fire

A Society in Ruin  

"We currently live in extremely volatile times, our lives and current system are on the brink of fiscal, health, environmental and divisionary disaster. It is blatantly obvious that America, and humanity in general need to change rapidly or we and our children will face severe consequences. 

The only way for us as citizens to control our lives and futures is through means that unify the people. We can no longer depend on our leaders alone to make real change and be disappointed if they fail. It is our responsibility as citizens to take action and control our own destiny."
Amaday ~ The Blues Messenger

  1. Big Brother is Watching
    Big Brother is Watching
    Are the alleged dangers to our Freedoms from external enemies? Or are they really being manufactured by hidden sources? Is the license of Privacy Invasion really for The People or does it serve those actively working to create a 'Brave New World'?
  2. Drugging a Population
    Drugging a Population
    In a country and age where regulatory consent and authorization are all too easily bought by the highest bidder...
  3. The Oppression of Hope
    The Oppression of Hope
    When the number of homeless and socially outcast is constantly growing...
  4. A Cyber War Rages
    A Cyber War Rages
    Why did Thomas Jefferson craft the Constitution of The United States the way he did?
  5. Eradicating Human Decency
    Eradicating Human Decency
    At the point when the individuals in a society cease to be important that society is no longer...
  6. Profit Before Humanity
    Profit Before Humanity
    Corporate Greed has reached untold heights in America...
  7. Redefining Freedom
    Redefining Freedom
    Are your personal freedom and security being protected and defended against a growing external threat...
  8. Invasion of Privacy
    Invasion of Privacy
    Does an individual really have the right to his own opinions, religious beliefs and practices...
  9. Abolishing Natural Health
    Abolishing Natural Health
    We are deep in an era of Corporate and Centralized authoritarian control...