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Big Brother is Watching

Drugging a Population

Redefining Freedom

​Are the alleged dangers to our Freedoms from external enemies? Or are they really being manufactured by hidden sources? Is the new found license of Privacy Invasion really for The People or does it serve those actively working to create a 'Brave New World'? When questionable facts act as justification for severe  violations of the right to privacy of the  very people  the governing bodies and agencies doing the violating were created to serve, one has to ask, who is actually being served? Is your personal information and right to privacy being violated? Is the supposed enemy  really within the body of citizens WHO ARE PAYING to be publicly served?, It may appear logical to governing authorities to sanction invasive measures but perhpas they really  serve to quell their own paranoia, rather than to protect the body of citizens they supposedly serve. If 90% are honest, law-abiding and respectable citizens should their rights to privacy be violated for the sake of the 10% who are corrupt? And are the ACTUAL corrupt even being monitored???

In a country and age where regulatory consent and authorization are all too easily bought by the highest bidder, Big Pharma and other purveyors of chemical dependency have already gained not just control, but a dangerously dystopian autonomy in determining which substances are desirable for us and how honestly their dangers and effects are represented. The many predictions from a half-century ago that America could be brought to its knees if its people were manipulated into a state of chemical dependence...well which hallucinatory drug will be legalized next?  further, governing agencies have ceased to hold the line on regulating substances that are historically known to not only lower an individual's cognitive function but to actually result in dysfunctionality dangerous to others. It is time for the health, safety, and well-being of our people to be elevated in importance above the greed of those who profit. Meanwhile, read the labels carefully and keep a sharp eye on your medicated fellows!
Are your personal freedom and security being protected and defended against a growing external threat, or are you actually being covertly monitored and manipulated for the hidden paranoid purposes of empowered individuals who have risen to privileged positions high enough to grant them authority in determining the basis on which your Fist Amendment Rights are interpreted? An age old tactic of outside forces with ill intent is the redefinition of the fundamental terminology and principles which constitute the core values and philosophy of a body of knowledge. Hence, psychiatric antagonists to REAL mental health script a diagnostic manual rife with manufactured "mental ills" which are nothing short of a destructive effort to achieve legislative license to sell seriously dangerous pharmiceutical drugs, and countless other examples spanning out whole society.  At a minimum, as a valid citizen of the United States of America and member of We The People you have the right to full disclosure in the matter. 

Eradicating Human Decency

The Oppression of Hope

 A Cyber War Rages

When the number of homeless and socially outcast is constantly growing it is evident that some aspect of our social system is failing. However, that does not mean the basic tenants of our country are somehow outmoded!  You can  buy into the propaganda or you can  look around for who wants  it to appear that way. Talk to any American you find on the street and you will see that they are for the most part decent people and whether they are noteworthy citizens or the most common man they want the same things. A worthwhile life, their freedoms, the well-being of their families and loved ones and peace. So if you were an enemy of the state and you wanted to destroy your biggest adversary how would you go about it? What if you could undermine and corrupt the confidence and belief of the very people which that Nation's strength was built upon?  Have you looked around you for corruptive influences?
 Why did Thomas Jefferson craft the Constitution of The United States the way he did? Why did James Madison pen into the Bill of Rights the Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, The Right to Bear Arms, The Right to Publicly Assemble and more? Our Founding Fathers were hip. They had already gone down the road of being controlled and oppressed by an evil Governing Overlord, the British Government of the 1700s. To wit, not only they but numerous other principal contributors to our Nations original fundamental precepts advocated similarly. In our modern age the Freedom of information and speech, enabled by the internet, is a powerful weapon against oppression. Beware those who seek to regulate and control it in the guise of public interest, when there is really a hidden agenda that forwards their own interests and purposes.
At the point when the individuals in a society cease to be important that society is no longer. America was built on the basis that even its lowliest citizen had all the rights and privileges of its most prominent citizens. "Inherited Privileges" may precede the potential of equal opportunity but ultimately both privileged and under-privileged are measured by the same standards. Outside and arguably ill intended Factions have acted to obscure this philosophic and fundamental pillar of American culture, where all men are treated as equals. The humanitarian principles of equality ad equal opportunity fostered and built America into the most powerful Nation in the world. Look hard for those who seek to undermine and destroy that equality. Our Consitution of the United States assures Liberty and Justice for all. 

Profit Before Humanity

Invasion of Privacy

Abolishing Natural Health

Corporate Greed has reached untold heights in America. As the vested interests gobble up smaller businesses their corporate gluttony is nearly audible. Historically civilizations on Earth have thrived only when they fostered growth and fair trade, witness Rome and the great British Empire of the 1700s...each fell prey to their greed, and in the end they toppled. Meanwhile, individuals of the "lower classes" or lesser means suffer due to the ignorance of regulators and representatives who have been bought! These privileged Monopolies must be regulated.
Does an individual really have the right to his own opinions, religious beliefs and practices, personal thoughts, political views, allegiance to causes, and the right to speak freely those views, in an uncensored forum without prejudice, ostracization or attack? Is that even possible in a world such as the one we live in today? Well, that my friends is called America. the Land of the Free. Is it possible there are some who envy you those Freedoms and are working to destroy them by jaundicing the ways in which Our People see this country? Would a true Enemy of the State work to infiltrate and influence the effectiveness of our Country's time-tested and proven processes and methods? 
We are deep in an era of Corporate and Centralized authoritarian control. "Sanctioned" treatments and health services are being systematically dominated by the Medical Industrial Complex. Definition of diseases, dictation of their "approved" remedies and treatment protocols and even the extreme of enforced vaccinations, psychotropic drugs which spawn psycho-killers, to the attempted control of natural substances such as vitamins. A rampant and willful campaign is being run on every front far outside the best interests of the general public. So ask yourself, are your Health care choices being manipulated?