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Make a Truce Today
Make a Truce Today

Make a Truce Today

Wednesday, October 10, 2018




  1. Calling  American Fighters
    05 Oct, 2018
    Calling American Fighters
    I'm just a simple man, I have a simple point of view, sometimes I feel so blue. All we want is a peace of mind, it's kind of hard to find these days, sometimes I wish I was the man on the moon.  Well there's people out there working way too hard just to feed their family, and the bankers rape the needy and claim it's the American way. Deeper in debt with each little step they're gonna grind you in the ground, time to clean it up and turn it around. Calling American fighters, we're American
  2. Are you under the microscope of paranoia?
    02 Oct, 2018
    The Eye in the Sky
    Is Big Brother Watching You? Are the alleged dangers to our Freedoms from external enemies? Or are they really being manufactured by hidden sources? Is the newly found license of Privacy Invasion really for The People or does it serve those actively working to create a 'Brave New World'? When questionable facts act as justification for severe violations our rights to privacy,  the privacy of the very people our governing bodies and agencies (who are doing the violating) were created to serve,
  3. We're Up in Arms
    19 Sep, 2018
    We're Up in Arms
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  4. Come Together, We're the USA!
    29 Jul, 2015
    Come Together, We're the USA!
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