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Surveillance in the Present Day

Has Big Brother Been Watching You?

Living Life in a Monitored World

Government surveillance is not something new. It has been with us as long as there have been governments. Nor does it mean that either governments or surveillance are necessarily evil. A society of people working together to survive in the world needs leaders. In fact, the effort to create a harmonious community of diverse people with common interests would certainly fail without intelligent oversight. Long range planning, attention to antipathetic factors and effective guidance and execution of sensible measures are vital ingredients for a successful and happy community. History proves that to survive, every group requires guidance. Someone must keep it on track to meet its objectives, while at the same time, keep a hard eye out for the adversities and evils of the world. But, are the dangers to our Freedoms from external enemies alone? Or is there a less obvious source? The evidence tends to indicate that hidden vested-interests are also a factor. Is the very recent (historically speaking) license to invade the privacy of common citizens really for The People? Or, does it serve vested interests who actively work to create a 'Brave New World'? When questionable facts act as justification for severe violations of the right to privacy of the very people the governing bodies and agencies doing the violating were created to serve, one has to ask, "Who is actually being served?" Are your personal information and right to privacy being violated? Is the supposed enemy really within the body of citizens WHO ARE PAYING to be publicly served? It may appear logical to governing authorities to sanction invasive measures but perhaps they really serve other interests, rather than to protect the body of citizens they were meant to serve. If The Majority are honest, law-abiding and respectable citizens should we sanction their rights to privacy be violated for the sake of an unidentified minority who are corrupt? One could challenge if the ACTUAL bad actors are even known or being monitored. When NO evidence exists to suggest a citizen is suspect, governing bodies and agencies have no right to monitor or surveil. The right to privacy is not a theoretical idea, it is a basic Human RIght.
A basic fundamental of  logic, is that in order for any datum to have value, it must be measured against a comparable datum which can be isolated and measured against. At the most fundamental level one could reduce this premise to dichotomies such as Life or Death? RIght of Wrong? Good or Evil? One might questionably say, "Well, it was a matter of kill or be killed, so it was survival to kill!" Or perhaps, "It was right for the survival or our group, and so, therefore, it wasn't wrong." But when is the line of moral and ethical reasoning crossed and the "rational" becomes a simple justification for criminal acts? Over the past 50 years, governing bodies have gained a frightening amount of autonomy in their decisions and actions which hypothetically operate under legislative sanction. When did "We The People" become so submissive to our governing bodies? Or did we? Not only the jaded have begun to feel that our system is being manipulated by vested interests, especially when the evidence indicates overwhelmingly that it is. Consider this video presentation and see if any aspect of it rings of the messages and "reasoning" you've been hearing lately on multiple media channels. Then ask yourself, "Who really controls the media anyway?" 


Is Surveillance a 21st Century Epidemic Or Is History Repeating Itself?

Spies, Dead Drops, and Invisible Ink: An Interview with John Nagy

John A. Nagy: "After studying espionage in the American Revolution for the last twenty-two years, I have discovered that both the American and British relied heavily on espionage...[Who were some of the more famous or effective spies of the Revolutionary War?]

"The most well-known spy is Nathan Hale who was hanged by the British. The best spy of the Revolutionary War depends on the criteria. The spy with best exploits would be James Moody, a New Jersey born British spy, was able to steal Washington’s mail almost at will. He almost stole the secret documents of the Continental Congress. He liberated a British officer from the Sussex County New Jersey jail. He operated as a spy for four years in New Jersey with a bounty offered for his capture. The one time he was captured he escaped.

The spy with the most nerve has to be Lieutenant Lewis J. Costigan of the 1st New Jersey Regiment. He was captured in January 1777. He was placed on parole in New York City..." 

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Is There an Eye in the Sky?

  1. Are We Destined for a Brave New World?
    Are We Destined for a Brave New World?
    Did the agencies who monitor us get the idea from the authors who envisioned and wrote about such a world, or were the authors trying to warn us before it was too late?
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