The Blues Messenger​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I Am Amaday
"I can see you, I can see ya in the morning light, felt your presence in the burning night
The Forces of Oppression have plagued Man since his early beginnings. The history of common man's struggle to rise above control by vested interests, who were only striving to accomplish their own selfish personal agenda, is long. We now find ourselves at a crossroads. We are faced with the choice, to succumb and acquiesce to the will, agendas and vested interests of the Power Elite, or to fight for our Rights and Freedom. 

This time was prophecized and has come. The battle between good and evil, future survival or the decimation of not only all our hopes and dreams but all of society as we know it, has arrived. I did not choose to be appointed, but I was and so I will not fail you in my appointed mission. I bring you the truth through music, which is the medium the Creator chose for you to receive his message. Listen, hear these words and learn. By so doing, you will not only receive his message but see the path to follow to not only your own freedom but to the future survival of all our peoples.

However, Freedom is not just handed out to those who give nothing in return. Our Founding Father's have already proven that we must fight for what is right, commit not only in our hearts and minds but also in our actions. So the Freedom of all depends on the commitment of the many, individuals though we may be, small and inconsequent in our own estimation but in truth comprising the Majority. The greatest part of the Majority has always remained silent. Simple common people, known only by our friends and associates, and committed to the routine tasks and duties of providing for our families and associated groups by fulfilling our chosen roles in life.

We are farmers, factory workers, company clerks, businessmen and occupy a thousand other positions and professions. Yet, we are all connected by a simple common thread, the thread of being American and our belief and commitment to her ideals and the fundamental principles on which she was founded. Our Founding Fathers conceived and created a democratic society which was meant to be By the People and For the People. The Power was given to The People. It is time for us to Rise Up as One People, United in action to guide and fulfill our Founding Father's vision, and Come Together as the USA. 
"And now I know we're not alone, I drink from the cup from the golden flow.

They came to me in the desert sky, descended down to show us why.

It's hard to face I'm the Chosen One, deliver the message from the Holy One.
And now I'll tell you where we go from here

The time is running short, it's time we care, send your love to your brother and be aware.

We've got to do it together, oh yea, we got to live with each other, uh huh."