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The Blues Messenger
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A Message For The People

"We currently live in extremely volatile times...  ​
our lives and current system are on the brink of fiscal, health, environmental and divisionary disaster.
It is blatantly obvious that America, and humanity in general need to change rapidly or we and our children will face severe consequences. The only way for us as citizens to control our lives and futures is through means that unify the people. We can no longer depend on our leaders alone to make real change and be disappointed if they fail. It is our responsibility as citizens to take action and control our own destiny." 

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​What YOU Can Do About It. Join The People for a New America Movement
I formed PFANA- People For A New America as a means to unite 'We The People' while there is still time to act and restore not only Liberty & Freedom, but Peace and Equality to America's People and the People of the World. The Blues Messenger    

What YOU Can Do About it


We're Up In Arms​​

The Time Has Come ​​
We The People Must Stand Together
​Our Society is in Ruin ...

Corporate Greed​

Decline of Productivity and Mora​le

Eradication of Human Decency

Our country is being divided

Invasion of Privacy

Drugging our Population

Censorship & Internet Control - A Cyber War Rages

Natural Health​​ Wipe-Out

Is Big Brother Watching You?